22 December, 2020


Once, in a deserted land,
Lived families of adults,
In harmony with nature.

They never felt hungry.
They never get tired.
All they would do was
to protect a slender tree.

Nobody knows who had planted
one tree at the highest hill around;
That single tree survived for years.

They never seek out other places.
They never speak to each other too.
All they would do was
to stay under the tree.

The realization of day and night
was there due to a sun-like figure.
Hot and shinny, it would fade out
every few hours.

They never felt sleepy.
They were never fully awake too.
All they would do was
occupy the silhouettes of the tree.

Days went by and nights.
The members of the families
Would look at the tree-
a deity figure of their life.

One day or it was one night,
I don't remember exactly.
The tree vanished into thin air.
From the highest hill around
of a deserted land
Where lived families of adults,
In harmony with nature.

Now, there's just silence.

17 June, 2020


The clouds becoming 'dark' from white
A mellow journey turned into a rage
Full of anguish-the storms and lightning;
What's left is a bare contemplation
For what it may take, and what will remain.

The turmoils of pretending are visible
As the wind has left us all naked
We see each other-our vulnerabilities;
Now shall we put an effort to feel them too?
Somebody asked.

We knew nicer things were just another "cup of tea"
And these subtle delusions were what makes a life.
With no intentions to pry into someone's emotions
We thought it was okay to ask for whatever we like.

But, the clouds were becoming 'dark' from white
A mellow journey was subtly turning into a rage
Full of anguish, with the storms and lightning;
And what was left there, a bare contemplation
For what it might take, and what would remain.


06 April, 2020

An Upside-down mask

These days,
We don't need to pretend much,
Like we're talking to each other-
The way we used to;
We all wear masks over our faces.
But we were doing the same, don't we?
Since the beginning of the time, we know,
"wearing masks of prejudices"
Every time we used to speak.

Now, we set us all free,
Free from the burden of formalities,
Free from the abyss of situational relationships.
I know some will even remove each other
From the stories of their "good old times",

These days,
It is possible.

We don't need to pretend much,
Like we really care for each other-
The way we used to;
We all wear masks over our faces.
But we were doing the same, don't we?
Since the beginning of the time, we know,
All kind words were just metaphors
We said what we didn't really mean to say-
Carefully, our portrait of a "good person",
Was kept.

Now, our eyes wouldn't gaze at each other?
Silently, like they used to
Over our successes and failures.
And, we can confess to each other
That we did envy.

Sigh! I cannot see well though
I use both masks and glasses!

03 October, 2019

मानिसका चरित्रमा अहम् बनेर
प्रेम पलाएको छ, रिस रसाएको छ
भ्रमका हाँगाबिङ्गा जडेर,
आफ्नै आकृतिमा रमाएको छ उ,
खोइ किन हो
कती असजिलो छ,
अहम् लाई अहम् ले जितेको छ
एस्तो लाग्छ आकाश ले
आकाश भेट्न खोजेको छ
एकै जुनी छ जसको-
धर्तीमा नमिल्ने अहम् पालेको छ
केही कुराहरुले डोर्याउँछ
केही कुराहरुले समाउँछ
जीवन यसरी हुर्केको छ
केही त समयले चलाउँछ,
कुरै-कुरा मा 'आफुलाई' सम्झिएको होइन भने
कामै-काम मा 'आफैलाई' बिर्सिएको होइन भने
बिर्सन र सम्झनलाई भलै, केही ठाउँ छोडी दिनु
यो जो सपनाको भारी फुकाई,'आज' देखी लिनु ।।

31 July, 2019

What keeps these clouds afloat
That makes the raindrops
What lifts them up-and bring back,
The sun is nowhere near!
Have you burned the forest
Or, smoked all day and nights-
The earth is warming day by day,
No sweet as you may taste them!
The grey-Himalayas bleeds ice and snow
But, the lakes are empty, where did they go?
Have you wrapped them in plastic bags?
Or, thought to save it for your children?

08 July, 2019


When the time will tell
"this ground belongs to you"
where the flames of desire have
burned down things, you always knew.
When the time will tell
it was windy, and the blazing fumes
were crawling over your face
somehow, you couldn't see the evening sun
making its way through; to your place.
When the time will tell
"Oh, the time you took to assimilate"
your belongings will be spared, for
the memories you have sold, to recollect
what will you do?
how well you'd stood?
when the time will tell
"not very soon".

26 March, 2019

रहर का समुन्द्रमा जोगिएर,जतन साथ 
पौडिदै छन् हजार फुलहरु प्रयास को
समय सँग को चिसो संघर्षमा यीनलाई 
फेरी आफ्नो सुगन्ध जोगाउनु छ जो । 
ए निडर छालहरु तिमीले यिनलाई 
पत्थर नसम्झिदिनु कतै
ए तेज किरणका स्पर्श हरु तिमीले
मायालु मुस्कान साथै बाटो देखाईदिनु बरु ।
तर, जो हिँडेको छ, कदम चलाउछ जसरी
उसको मन 'फुल' भईदेओस्, तैरिदै आउँछ
जो रोक्किएको छ बिदा भनेर,
उभ्भिएर कुरेर बस्ने छ बाटो-दोबाटो,
गार्हो त उसलाई ज्यादा छ ।

05 February, 2018

My "minimalist" thoughts

If it's not that easy to acquire
The taste of life; the circumstances;
The situations; the boundaries;
Altogether - at once; it's natural
For all of us!

Not all meanings are substantial
Not all indulgence is happiness
Not all hassles are troublesome
Not all companionship is love!

The inherited chaos of overthinking
Is the reason for a pity living, and
If I magnanimously appreciate 'time'
I'd have simplified my life -


Making an effort

For some who have mastered,
For some who have failed to -
There's a way out for everyone
Who has put their hearts into;
"Making an effort"


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